Family Recipe Roots is Billy and Mina. FRR began as a food blog in January 2016.

The aim of the blog was to collect recipes from all over the world. Recipes that had been in the family for generations. We wanted the real heroes of the kitchen to be recognised, whether that was a great grandma or a distant aunt. We wanted to ensure these old recipes were kept alive and shared with the world. (Billy)

We believe a Foodie is a person with a passion for food. (Billy & Mina)

Being a food lover is a hobby most people have without realising it. We are very open about food, so anything goes! We have eaten Pierogi in Poland and had saltfish in Antigua. Billy loves to cook and I love eating and talking about food all day. Always a conversation starter!

When we first started this blog, we didn’t realise there were so many different types of bread being made around the world, this enticed us to travel more and learn more about local cuisine. Over time we have spoken to people around the world and travelled gathering knowledge. On our travels we have enjoyed talking to the chefs and food makers and sellers. But what really excites us is bumping into locals living every day lives eating every day food. The treasure we call it. (Mina)

As our children have been living their lives, independent from us, this has meant more time for ourselves. As we started using our extra time travelling and gaining more knowledge about the different cultures, adding a travel section to our blog was a natural progression.

We are “Travelling Foodies”!