For several years now Mina and I have been on our own. Our children have left to start their own journey in life.

What do couples do when they don’t have the responsibility of looking after their children? Well, we travel!

We love learning about new countries, their culture, history as well as the architecture and especially love eating the local cuisine. 

We have been very lucky and have managed to see so many wonderful places. We have been to Sri Lanka and visited the many temples there, we took a tuk-tuk ride in India, we have driven to Lake Lomond in Scotland as well as having family time in Disneyland Florida.

We loved snorkling in the Red Sea as well as Corfu and I have been scuba diving in Antigua but still haven’t managed to convince Mina to join me under the sea! We have explored Bavaria in Germany, driven through the Alps from France to Italy and navigated the roads of Naples (not for the faint hearted!).

The landscape around the Norwegian Fjords from a cruise ship is breathtaking and walking the streets of a Moroccon Medina is exhausting.

As you can see, we are willing to fly, sail, walk and drive to experience new places.