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Welcome to FRR Travel private hire taxi service.

We are a Northampton based company, offering a professional and reliable transport service. We provide safe and comfortable travel for wheelchair users, people and pets! We also deliver parcels, short and long distance. 

We can provide transport for up to 6 people or 1 wheelchair and 3 passengers. Accounts welcome. Invoices can be sent weekly, monthly or whenever you require. Please contact us for quotes.

We will, at your request, confirm all bookings via text (if a mobile is used) or email. Once the vehicle has been dispatched, we will send a text (if a mobile number has been provided) to confirm the driver and vehicle details.

Please see our privacy page for booking terms and conditions as well as details on how your data is used.

I have been a private hire taxi driver for nearly 30 years. I started in 1991 when there were just a handful of private hire operators to over a hundred today! We used 2-way radios in the early 90’s (I can still remember the crackling sound in the background and being annoyed when the signal was lost when I left the town boundary!) to now using apps on our smartphones with built-in GPS tracking and a signal all over the country.

Payments are made through PayPal, using either chip and pin or contactlessly (subject to limits) including ApplePay.

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