A gentleman named Roy gave us an old laverbread recipe, which is so healthy and good for you and so simple. He could not stress the benefits from eating it. 

After researching it ..WOW! So much goodness in it. Packed with vitamin A, B2, D and C. Highly nutritious because of it’s high proportion of protein, iron and iodine.

Roy told me that as a kid his parents would take him on family holidays or days outs to Wales, in the Pembrokeshire area. They would go to the seaside and would spend all day collecting seaweed from near the rocks. He said there was a specific seaweed his parents knew which which they collected. Now in his later years Roy still enjoys this dish which is also available from good shops. Available fresh or in tins. You are able to order online here

Roy said he had great family memories of them collecting the seaweed and sitting down together at the end of the day eating it on toast. In Wales laverbread is eaten with cockles on toast.

Thanks Roy!